What is Rockstarcrawls Ibiza?

Rockstarcrawls is a pub/bar crawl on steroids. We get people fun party people together that are unfamiliar with Ibiza and show them to 3 great bars/clubs.  Open bar at first two venues for 1.5 hours (3 hrs in total) on well drinks and house beer,  cover charge included in the club of the night and a private party guide with you at all times making sure you get all this services. (We keep our groups small to give personalized service so make sure you book well in advance)


What does open bar mean?

Open bar means that you don't have to pay for your drinks as long as the drinks are well drinks or house beer. Drinks are very expensive in Ibiza at all of the places we go to, they run an average of 10-17 EUR per drink so do the math and you'll realize the great deal you could get with us.

Why not do a pub crawl myself, how much am I saving?

Besides paying way less on drinks and no cover charges anywhere we go, we gather fun groups of partiers who are looking to have a great time and make sure you have a great time, we will treat you like our old friend, showing you a good time in our town, we know exactly what place its "going on" , what night and at what time, not to mention the new friends you will be making throughout the night. Drinks and entrances (if you can even get in) are expensive in Ibiza so coming out with us will make your night much simpler.

Where do we meet and do I need a reservation?
We meet at 9:30PM every night (Specific meeting point will be sent at booking) We advise you book in advance if you want to save a spot since we keep our groups compact.


What makes Rockstarcrawls unique?
Unlike other "pub" crawls we do take you to the most fun and best venues available and get you the best value for your money, also we are the party we make sure you have a great time no matter what. We start on a bar/pub to greet, meet and take advantage of our open bar, from there we walk to a lounge with more ambiance and louder music and we end up the night with a bang with a nightclub where you can dance your shoes off.

Do we have to get on a bus to move from bar to bar?
Most of the nights we just walk from place to place (not that much walking) but there are some exception night where we will take a bus.

How big are your groups and who usually goes to your crawls?
We are like friends taking out friends, we keep or groups compact so people are able to enjoy more of themselves and the people around them without having to worry about the masses and being hoarded like cattle avoiding lines and long waits etc. Our clients are from all over the world and from all age ranges but usually between 21 and 40 years old.

What kind of establishments do we go to?
We only take you to the most fun bars/clubs in town, fortunately we have done the research for you so we know exactly where to go and when to go, we always start at a bar from there we turn it up a notch and go to a lounge to finally finish the night with a bang on one of the best lounge/nightclubs in Ibiza. 


Is there a dress code?

Yes some clubs are more relaxed than other, so you will get your specific dress code once you book.  We are not responsible for denied entry to any venue based on inappropriate attire or irresponsible drinking.

What is your cancellation policy?
We have a24 HR 100% refund policy after that no refund can be given.

Do you provide round trip transportation from and to our resort?

No, we recommend to take a taxi or bus to our meeting point and back from the last club of the night.


If you have any other questions please email us at IBIZA@ROCKSTARCRAWLS.COM


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